7 Reasons Why You Should NOT Build Your Own Website

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what now?As a professional web design company, we are presented with this question all the time. “Why should I pay hundreds of dollars for a website when I can build it for free and pay a few bucks a month?

Let’s face it, if you are just starting a new business, you are trying your darnedest to save a buck or two. But are you REALLY saving money by using a FREE website building service? I am going to reveal 7 tips on why you should NOT build your own website.

#7. Time is money. The time you will spend trying to build your own website is time you can spend actually exploring marketing avenues and ways to improve your business. Leave the website building to the web development company and focus on building your own business.

#6. Always put your best foot forward when attracting new clients. You may be good at a lot of things but you are not a web developer. Your website is often times the first and the official introduction to your potential clients. The way your site looks tells a potential client in a split second whether or not they want to do business with you. Would you take a sales meeting in jogging pants and a torn t-shirt? Of course not! A polished website is a perfected presentation.

#5. The bells and whistles are the bare necessities. Just having a good website is no longer impressive, it’s absolutely mandatory. Of course the, “who, what, why and where” factors into a good general consulting website; however there is very specific lead capturing and lead generating verbiage that needs to be implemented as well. A knowledgeable web development firm is familiar with these practices.

#4. You do not own the design work on a website builder service. Trust me a $5-$30 a month website is attractive for any penny pinching first time business owner. But the hundreds of dollars you pay yearly “renting” a website monthly will eventually reach the price of a professionally built website that you would have owned. MOST IMPORTANTLYPLEASE DO NOT MISS A FEW PAYMENTS. Why? Well you don’t own it, so it’s back to the drawing board if you lose it.

#3. I’m Cheap, I’m Cheap, I’m Cheap! My biggest pet peeve is seeing a company website highlighting the dreadful tag, “this website was built free on a free website builder (because I didn’t want to invest in my own company)”. I assure you the red flag goes up for some potential customers. “What kind of service can I expect from a company that doesn’t invest in their own company?” It could be implied that you “cut corners” with your product or service. Ugghhh– NEXT!

#2.  Serious Buyers Want Serious Sellers. A cutting edge website with bells and whistles gets that $4000 proposal met for your roofing services. But a less than aesthetically pleasing business website gets you the haggling customer trying to low ball you for less than you’re worth. Basically you are being “profiled” by how your website looks.

#1. It’s just best to own your own website. Period. It is your online property. It is your online reputation. You should own the sole administrative access to anything regarding your company online. Leasing a website attached to your business name is the same as giving your business name to another business AND paying them to use it. Not very smart right? When you own your website content (file), you can move it to any domain and make instant edits at your leisure. By owning your website file, you will eliminate that monthly fee and pay your domain and hosting services only once per year.

– Ms. TeeDee Davis, (Lattitude SolutionsFacebook

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